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Can anyone drive the campervan?
Most drivers aged 25-70 with a good driving record will be covered by our standard insurance. If you fall outside this age range or do not meet our normal requirements then contact us to find out if we can cover you.

Can I drive on an EU / foreign licence?

Yes. Holders of non-UK licences will have to be pre-checked with our insurers, but will normally be approved, provided you meet our standard conditions.


Can you insure more than one driver?
Yes. Extra drivers can be requested at the time of booking. A fee of £5 per day applies.

Can I take the campervan abroad?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow our campervans to go outside mainland UK (Wales, England and Scotland). 


How many seats and what type of seat belts are fitted?
The Gower has 6 travelling seats (including the driver), 4 of which have 3 point seat belts, and 2 which are rear-facing with 2 point lap belts.  Please note that the front passenger airbag cannot be switched off, making it unsuitable for a rear-facing baby seat.

There are no ISOFIX fittings available in our campervans, but child seats can easily be fitted in the rear using the 3 point seatbelts provided.


Where can I collect the campervan?

We only allow pick up and returns at our base in Weston, Staffordshire.  If you travel by car, you can leave one car with us whilst on hire.  If coming by train, you may be able to pre-arrange when booking to be collected from our local train station, Rugeley or Stafford.


How much is the insurance excess ?
The standard excess is £500, which will normally be covered by your security deposit. A higher excess may be applied by our insurance company if you do not meet the standard driver requirements.

Why do you need a security deposit?

The deposit covers us for the cost of repairs or replacement in the event that you return to us with damage to the campervan or its equipment. Note this applies whether or not the damage was caused by you, so it is important both to secure items wherever possible and always follow full instructions for the use of the campervan and its equipment.


When will I get my security deposit back?

Provided the campervan is returned on time, full of fuel, internally clean and there is no damage or loss on your hire, we will refund your deposit within 7 days of your return.

Do I need holiday insurance?

Customers travel at their own risk, and we strongly advise you to take out suitable insurance cover.


Can I bring pets ?
Yes, we allow a maximum of two medium-size dogs per vehicle.

Do you hire to smokers/vapers ?

Yes. But you are not permitted to smoke/vape in the vehicle or awning at any time.  Cleaning fines apply if the campervan or awning are returned with evidence that you have ignored this rule.

Do you provide breakdown cover ?
Yes. Full details will be given on vehicle handover.

How can I pay for my holiday / security deposit ?
You can pay through Paypal using a Credit or debit card, even if you don't have your own Paypal account.  However, our insurers will not allow us to take payments in cash.  All funds must be cleared in our account before you can collect the vehicle.

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